My mom being an ophthalmologist, an eye-care specialist, I was always conscious about my eyes. Maybe not necessarily the same properties that my mother was looking for her in patients, but I was astute as to how to create your own vision in this world. Having an unique vision may seem like a superpower around those that continually approach life as a monotonous step by step chore. Vision will allow you step outside your routine and happen upon objects, people, spaces that you have never consciously noticed. 

As most things in life, I was not able to achieve this vision without any proper guidance. My father, an artist himself, was my mentor in learning how to use the world for its abundance of ideas, colors, shapes, etc. My whole life I have been developing this vision and to this day still have not shared it...so now I feel as if it is my responsibility to share my unique vision with others and so maybe they can see the world as I do one day. 

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