Fermin Uriz_

Growing up my father, an award winning fine artist, inspired me to pursue art from an early age. I was fascinated at all the different ways you could combine colors with lines and shapes; these simple things still fascinate me to this day. I attended an art high school in hometown of Durham, NC where my passion for sculpture took off. Consequently all this led me to pursue a degree in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design where I specialized in designing user friendly products with a modern and playful aesthetic. Through my work I strive to provoke the inner child in everyone. With imaginative and progressive thinking I strive to elevate the aesthetic experience for the world around us through informed design.

"Being a designer means to always have a curious eye no matter the environment we are immersed in. Design is not a means to solve a problem, rather it is a means to create magic moments in the otherwise mundane daily life. Creativity and innovation are used to amplify the human experience whether through objects and/or spaces. 

Throughout my experience I have come to learn to feed off the creative process and use it to my advantage to grow as an individual and designer. Ideas are fluid-like, they are constantly evolving, opening yourself to new discoveries and opportunities. This is the role of the designer, to reveal new possibilities for how to view the objects, spaces, and the world around us in a different light."  


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